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By Giorgio Cerboncini

Looking back at my notes from a session on bitterness during my time alone, I found this from years ago, about the traits of a bitter person: 

“A bitter person is easily bothered, reacts too quickly to any stimuli, speaks ill of others, often feels victimized, rarely admits fault or forgives, and is constantly bringing up other people’s past transgressions to manipulate argument outcomes in his favor.” I’ve often felt bitter about the turns my life took. I tended to blame others for my professional failings, and always refused to see my part in my intimate relationships issues. Whenever I went to a get-together, I would judge people I met as arrogant, neophytes and assholes.

I used to gaslight my wife to submission, scream louder than her and spew hate from my mouth more than she ever could in order to win. I never forgave anyone and crucified people based on past experiences, bringing them up whenever it helped my gaslighting.  I fit the description of a bitter man to a “T,” didn’t I? Yet, I always thought of myself as a happy person, and that’s what I chose to project outwardly. In other words, I believed my own lie. Talk about denial!!!  Where do you see yourself in the description of a bitter person? Can you go back in your life and look at some realities that have been distorted over time? How can you then mend them? How can you reconcile your denial with your new way of living in love and acceptance?  The Hope4Life community shares infinite patience, walks alongside you in each and every step of your spiritual recovery and truly engages in your life, in a relationship based on love and a spirit of gratitude, empathy and generosity.

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