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What Does Healing Look Like?


We have so many unfounded notions about what healing looks like. As I sit here and try to grasp how wide and how deep my wounds may be, I also realize how subtle new ones can come in and how quickly I can learn to deal with them before they start taking roots of anger, resentment, confusion and unforgiveness. You can fill in the blank.

Knowledge brings understanding and then the desire to apply what we have learned against our own habits counterintuitively, as we say at Hope4Life. One day during our live support group gatherings, the sudden manifestation of healing swept through the room and we were all confronted with different pieces of the puzzle of our own individual healing. Some pieces were too big to even fathom, but they were nonetheless exposed with a magnifying glass under a great light. Darkness brought to light - exposed like film exposed in a dark room. Some wounds were perhaps smaller than others, but the depth of the pain each caused was felt by one body - our community at Hope4Life.

No matter the age, ethnicity or belief, whatever piece of the puzzle we had was reflected by someone else in the group and within us. We get to share the good, the bad and the ugly, carrying our burdens through prayer for one another. In our community, whether you've been there for the first time or the hundredth time, you are loved, touched, affirmed, encouraged or made to laugh amidst the pain - it is all good medicine.

As difficult as the pain process of healing is —because emotionally it takes you to the point of impact— it also brings understanding of the many areas of life that were impacted as a result of it.

But He who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above more than what we ask for gently starts to eradicate the pain and wounds and then He gives us a larger manifestation of His love and His glory in our lives.

We as a community also get to experience the good, the triumphs, the rejoicing moments we share! May the old become new and the new become holy!

Embrace His healing power just as He sends it today. Packaged just the way He wants, not necessarily the way we thought. After all, Papa knows best.

Be on the look out for healing moments.

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