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Thank you. So many good things happened in 2021 because of you.


As the Hope4Life family and team get ready to wrap up another year and welcome the new one, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything we were able to accomplish and be part of.

Because of your generosity we were able to have the space to heal, to grow in so many ways, to cry, to laugh and to pray; to participate in each other’s emotional, spiritual and physical healing; to celebrate, to improvise, to create, to discover how to be better lovers of ourselves and others; to hope, to go deeper in His word and to become aware, at our own pace, that we are loved by a good and caring Father no matter what.

You read right! All this and more we are able to do together at Hope4Life this year. But remember that as a non profit ministry, we rely on generous friends like you. Thanks for being with us.

A new year! We are ready —and excited!— to welcome you back with open hearts and with much in store for you as well as for those who are yet to come, so that united we can continue to give hope and restore the image of love in this much needed world, one by one by one.

Wishing you and your loved ones a year filled with His love and wisdom.

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