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My Psalm 139


What a difference you make in my life, Jesus. Your love for me is relentless, never tiring of my ways. You are always there even when I don't think to consider you. Your love is astonishing. When I am sad and feel alone, you are there. When anxiety grips me and I find it hard to breathe, you are there. When I am afraid and I don't know how to deal with life, you are there. When I lose all joy and choose to dwell in hate, even there you are with me. So many moments I stray and none of it phases you. Your love gently brings me back. Your love gently convicts my broken heart. Your love makes me better. Your love leads me to peace and healing. Even when I forget you and I choose to die - you come to me with new life. What a difference you make in my life, my sweet Jesus. You put breath in my lungs. You bring freedom to my soul. You have shown me, by your example: How to be fair with myself and others. How to forgive myself and others. How to love myself and others and how to live in communion with myself and others. Your love, the joy in your eyes when you look at me, your unwavering endless pursuit has given me life. My life is beautiful because you are mine and I am yours. Thank you that I can rest assured in your arms. What a difference.

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