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Looking Back to Move Forward

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


Back in 2005 Giorgio and I had an opportunity to travel to Italy to test drive the Porsche Cayman when it had just come out into the market. It was one of the best trips we ever made as part of a fleet of journalists in the life of our automotive lifestyle magazine: Impulso. Because of Giorgio’s experience in the automotive industry for over 30 years we were able to create a magazine that stood out from the crowd and we believe, created disruption in the market. Dreams had come true for both of us in our careers and we were blessed to travel together a few times, but mostly blessed we got to do what we loved.

Looking back at these photos, I remember the feeling of hope and expectation as I looked into the Italian backdrop. I was sure I would be there again one day. I was certain this would be one of many trips I would take with Giorgio. I was grateful for what we were experiencing. But something was missing. And I didn’t know what that was.

A few years later, life took some twists and turns and before things got better they got really bad. Since the crash of the market in 2008 until now it’s been a very rocky road. With lots of ups and downs. More like a roller-coaster, actually. We lost out business ad our finances. Our emotional health was dwindling and our marriage was hanging by a thread.

It wan't until we reached that bottom, the new low, that we were desperate enough to accept help. For heavenly help, that is. We didn't look for God. God found us. Through our friend Jerry Stapel we saw a glimpse of hope and joy in the conversations he generously offered. And then he introduced us to Lakhi Dadlani. That, was a game-changer.

Lakhi invited us to trust God into a deeper inner healing process. He invited us to look at ourselves individually. He loved me enough to tell me the truth: "Gigi, you are very angry! " He loved Giorgio as he was, not as he should be. He sat next to us during hours of healing classes in Spanish even though he doesn't speak it! He heard our pain, introduced us to Giovanna, invited us to eat and took Giorgio on errands. Lakhi and Giovanna, male and female, loving us unconditionally, wanting to be our friends... sounds to me just like the image of God! Love had knocked on our door. Just like we were test-driving cars back then, now we had to test-drive what being driven by love felt like.

And it hasn't stopped. In these past eight years we are rediscovering ourselves and we have discovered a real relationship with God. We are restoring our marriage and the heart of our little family. We got to witness the birth of Hope4Life and are now part of a team that helps others restore their true identity. We heal and we learn daily. It’s a lifetime journey.

When I saw these photos of our trip to Italy, I cried realizing so many dreams that never came true. Mourning our losses is part of healing. We haven't been back to Italy. But we have been to hell and we don't ever want to go back. Hell was, for us, living without awareness of God. Now we are experiencing Heaven on Earth!

I wouldn’t trade what we have today for anything in the world. No trip, no Porsche, no magazine, no career and no dreams could be greater than the knowledge of being known and loved unconditionally. (Okay, well, a little more money would be nice! ) To love one another deeply and to love others as well. That’s what we were missing back then. And it’s taken me 15 years to acknowledge it. Thank you Father. For all of it. For the past, the present and for what’s to come.

He who started a good work in us will finish it. Philippians 1:6

Borgo San Felice, Tuscany, Italy

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