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Living out the Christian Ideal

By Giorgio Cerboncini

Is there really a choice when it comes to living out your life once you know about the unfiltered God that is in you? Do you want to sit in a church being told that you will be punished in eternity unless you follow a list of honey don’ts? And that whatever is not “Christian” (as it relates to music, books, movies, art and hobbies) is to be rejected and forbidden from your life?

I don’t want to ever again think that my life is a set of conditions I must meet in order to go through the proverbial hole in the needle. My connection with Papa will always be my clear path to follow whenever I have tribulation, doubt and hardship; here, not “there,” because I have no idea what or where “there” is. But I do have the certainty of where here is: In His love and care, every moment of every day. And the more I live in that love and care, the closer I get to Him, the better I feel.

And, as in real life, the closer I get to Him, the bigger that hole in the needle gets.

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