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Liberation is not comfortable


I am not sure if it totally relates, but after my dog passed away and at one point, I almost was about to go and get another dog, pretty soon after.

During that time I was barely looking into what grieving looks like, and I realized that my feeling was that I wanted to quickly drown out or numb the pain of the loss. I knew I couldn't replace my dog, but I sure wanted to slap another dog "band-aid" on my hurt.

That's when I started to see that "shadow person" side of it. I'm stopping the cycle, so that I don't entrench myself again in my old behavior that I wasn't aware of before.

I want my new and deeper experience to begin with the healing of my brokenness and the clearing of my "shadow side." So to let go of my own present way of doing things... I decided I wasn't going to get another dog right away.

I want to sit with this new, uncomfortable experience so that I can be "liberated from this deep addiction" and find my light, my true self.

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