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Hungry Heart


I was recently listening to one of Bruce Springsteen's greatest hits: "Hungry Heart". Most people would consider it an upbeat, feel good song. In fact, here's the link if you want to hear it. But as I listened more closely to its lyrics, I was a bit saddened.

"Got a wife and kids in Baltimore jack

I went out for a ride and I never went back

Like a river that don't know where it's flowing

I took a wrong turn and I just kept going"

How many times have we heard a version of this story happen to someone we know or to ourselves? The Bible says that the heart is deceitful, but what do our hearts really need? I'm not talking about good cholesterol. I'm talking about the desires of our hearts. So I ask the question again: What do our hearts really need?

At Hope4Life I've been introduced to many books and renowned speakers who are experts in answering questions about emotional and spiritual issues we all struggle with. One of those books perfectly addresses the longing of our hearts. Titled "The Seven Desires of Every Heart," and written by Mark and Debra Laaser (Here's the link to the book in case you want to read it), it explains the seven common desires we all need: to be heard, affirmed and blessed; to be safe, touched, chosen and included.

...we're all searching for that "something" we feel we are missing to feed and fill our empty hearts.

But going back to the Springsteen song, I think that many of us are like that "guy who has a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack," in the sense that we're all searching for that "something" we feel we are missing to feed and fill our empty hearts.

At Hope4Life I have learned how to seek these desires in a healthy way. I have also been able to repair and re-symbolize my emotional and spiritual maturity, which has given me the tools I need to fulfill my heart, also in a healthy manner.

At the end of the day, what really separates us is also what connects us to one another. Or as Springsteen best expressed it:

"Everybody needs a place to rest

Everybody wants to have a home

Don't make no difference what nobody says

Ain't nobody like to be alone."

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