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The Calling of Birds

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


One of the things that I truly love about healing in community is seeing how we all bring a piece of us to the table. Every person counts and everyone who is willing to be heard, will actually partake in the healing of others as they speak out!

Every once in a while though, someone appears, that has no idea how deep and meaningful their insights are, and part of their charm and influence probably stems from the fact that the are simply sharing, not trying to fix anyone but rather expressing their revelations!

Connie Meyers, is one of those people I am talking about. When she writes something in the chat, or shares in the support groups an excerpt of a piece she wrote expressing her thoughts, fears, and revelations, we all have to pause and reflect and many times even applaud!

Connie gave me permission to share a comment she wrote on our women's chat. It was in response to a lady who was celebrating her birthday, who upon her arrival to Hope4Life, had never written before, and had sworn to us, she would never ever teach nor share her testimony. Well, one day, two-years into her healing journey, she shared her testimony while teaching her first class at Hope4Life and the very next day poems started flowing from her heart with a fierce outpouring of expression and healing. So much so, that a few months later, this lady published her first book of poems!

So Connie, graciously as ever, said this about our friend:

"She is our lovely poet in residence. She has been a co-creator with God in transforming her pain into something outrageously redemptive and beautiful. Because she was bold to share her heart, when we listen to her, it makes us more able to hear our own. Try it and you will see. It's like birds calling to one another in the forest. The first one starts, then you have a concert. And even the Caged Bird will begin to sing. Even if we have held our heart in a cage."

To Connie and to all the men and women who courageously share their hearts with vulnerability and brutal honesty, thank you for being like those birds, calling out to all of us in the forrest of healing. Because as you speak up and share, you heal. As we listen, we recognize our wounds and we heal. As you share your heart with us, your revelations are like symphonies that express the pain we never knew we had, allowing us to hear hope calling our name into the presence of our healing and loving Father.

Sing, birdies! Sing! Our healing is calling!

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