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Got Walls?


Sometimes when I do electrical work I have to run my pipes thru walls. And not all walls are built the same.

Some walls are built of block, some are solid concrete, some are wood and some are drywall. Depending on the type of wall I’m penetrating, I have to use different tools .

When I was a young helper I didn't always know the right tool for the wall I needed to penetrate. And sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, nothing would work until I used the right tool.

That made me think about the walls I have built around my feelings and about how I have been trying to penetrate them. And I just realized that I don’t know how they are built or what tool to use. Is it mother wound? Is it father wound? Is it the beatings, or was it the relationships?

I am learning to discover the type of wall and what tool to use, whether it is forgiveness or grieving, and so on.

But as I was thinking of past failures, I choose to love myself instead of trying! I haven’t stopped trying to break the walls.

Because my mind tells me I’m a failure most of the time.

But today I am telling myself that I am not a failure! And with the help of God and my community I will continue to break the walls down .

And I see a lot of men at Hope4life that are doing the same, and it gives me strength, men who at times fall, fail, get back up and don’t give up !

Today, I choose to love myself !

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