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I’m not talking about aging, or the wearing down of our bodies, or the pain in our knees. I’m talking about the things in this life that come against us, that are much bigger and stronger than we are, whether we have the intelligence to admit it or not. The things we have no control over.

A good friend recently mentioned to me that the most liberating thing he has done lately in his life, is to admit and accept that he has no power over his addiction. Pick your poison; whether it’s alcohol, drugs, shopping, anger, porn, traveling, or any one of the remaining 300-plus addictions we use to numb the pain we so fearfully keep down inside. The things that weigh so much, they easily keep us buried deep under the sand, where no one can help us.

You see, we don’t bury our burdens; rather, THEY bury US.

But we cannot hold our breath forever, we are literally suffocating in our own attempts to stay where we are most comfortable. You know what’s really deep inside of us? A human being who simply wants to surface and live in peace. But this life is like an ocean’s edge, under a constant barrage of waves that are so big, we can’t see beyond them. And as soon as we dare to come out for a breath, we see an even bigger wave, cresting and on its way. This is the erosion of the soul, slowly and steadily picking away at who we truly desire to be. So we stay down, deep as can be, to avoid the pounding surf.

What we don’t realize, though, is that with erosion, comes new ground. As we allow burdens, secrets, and disappointments to the surface —where they are exposed— they can no longer weigh us down, and we are free to breathe. The erosion is washed and becomes new ground; stronger and steadier than before, and we can rise from the deep, to stand on that firm, new ground.

Erosion is what we make of it. May it renew and restore...

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