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As I rode through the waters, pride in my strength,

I fell and I fell knowing I could get up again.

Until I persisted to test my full strength,

I fell in an instant so far away.

I trusted my strength to get to my safety,

the stronger I pushed, the greater resistance.

The wind set against me, to leave me in sorrow,

in fear that my strength would fail me.

I challenged it all, in all of my persistence

and all of my strength, my breath was beneath me.

My body giving in, as I stopped to look up and saw

that my safety was further away.

Terror arising, my chest with no air,

sinking and sinking realizing it was all coming to an end.

I yelled out with strength, breathe out my breath.

The more I was asking, the further away I sank.

At last at my chances to breathe and to live,

I humbled myself, I remembered instruction and wisdom.

I rested in faith believing I’ll have a second chance.

I went back to the place where I left all my sense,

by divine flows of waves, the source of my saving grace.

Oh love called out with His strength,

came rushing to find my rescue again,

again and again, you came forth again.

You moved with compassion,

I held on with breath,

a reason to live, to hope once again.

That only in my strength,

I find my end.

With my strength I only find my end,

by his grace I breathe once again.

It is by your grace,

I breathe once again

and again and again...

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