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A Short Rant at God


Lord, I have a plan for me, and you are constantly messing with it!

I want comfort and you want growth.

I want billboards from you, and you deliver enigmas.

I want security and you hand me dependence.

I want a voice from the clouds and you produce a word from a friend.

I want a routine and you send me on an expedition.

I want financial peace and you want to provide only what I need.

I want escape and you put me in the now.

I want my old dreams and you offer only new ones.

I want to be desired and you demand that I desire you above all.

I want fun and you give me reality.

I want a stroll and you would have me wrestle.

I want political solutions and you want changed hearts.

I find comfort in invisibility, but you want me to be transparent.

I want predictability and you want me to have peace in the chaos.

I want to die sometimes and you long for me to die to myself.

Why can't you be made in my image rather than me in yours?

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