Giovanna and Lakhi Dadlani

Giovanna and Lakhi Dadlani  have been married for 34 years and have four children, ages 35 to 16 and two grandchildren. They started on the journey to emotional and spiritual wholeness twenty nine years ago, after years of battling infidelity, addictions, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, lies and codependency. Once they realized that their lives, their relationships with each other and with their children were a mess, they set on a quest to heal and restore individually, to restore their marriage and the hearts of their children.


Their path to recovery has not been an easy one. It has required much courage, vulnerability, and resilience. In the process, Hope4Life was born. A wellspring of hope for the broken, Hope4Life is helping people find their true self and purpose. While Lakhi and Giovanna do not claim to have all the answers, they witness the miracle of healing and restoration every day. Through the sharing of their personal stories, people are finding greater freedom, joy, and peace. They welcome all people, from all walks of life, to join them on this glorious path to the Father's heart.

At times,  part of the Hope4Life team such as Giselle (Gigi) Delgado, Giorgio Cerboncini, Laura Kefalidis and Dr. Jose Ramón Azaret teach and share.  Often times we also hear testimonies from the rest of the team or people who have been attending, making transparency and vulnerability a common thread at Hope4Life /

Hope4Life also invites guests speakers to teach on Saturdays and sometimes host full weekend conferences. We have been blessed by other Local Speakers that are not part of the team such as  Dr. Jethro Toomer and Pastor Russell Black. National Speakers and Authors are also part of our Hope4Life rotation and among them are Clay and Mary McClean, Trisha Frost, Doug Crew, Robert and Cyndi Hartzell, Bradley and Eden Jersak, Baxter Krueger, William Paul Young, Jay Stringer, John Lynch, Bill Thrall, Barbara Moon, John MacMurray, Dr. Everett Worthington, Dr. Robert Emmons, Dr. Stephanie Carnes,  Dr. Mark Gordon Fee,
Cherith Fee Nordling, Jamie and Donna WInship, Jason Clark,
and most recently, Dr. John Gottman!




Together, the wealth of experience of all the teachers and speakers, brings further healing to our community in hopes that families and individuals continue to be restored into the original design our Heavenly Father had for all of us.




Trust for Today: 365 Days of Encouragement With the Trueface Team

Over your lifetime you’ll probably have the opportunity to join a number of faith communities. If you pay close attention, there will be a tangible sense to each of them. In some you can feel the over-structured control of the leaders as they seek to create an environment where the members appear well-behaved, together, on their games. Entering, you can feel unsettled, as though nearly everyone there probably fails less than you. That could be your cue to leave. The objective is not to build communities that appear to have sin under control. The objective is to nurture a place where people can stop pretending that they have sin under control. Entering such a place may feel messy. But it will often also feel welcoming and life-giving. You might experience friends living unedited lives. You might witness perfect love working itself out imperfectly. You might even, over time, be entrusted with stories of maturity and growth that border on the miraculous. So, as you join, choose wisely. Go toward the life. Ephesians 4:1-3